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11/19/2020KubeCon NA 2020 Keynote - More Power, Less Pain: Building an Internal Platform with CNCF Tools

4/30/2020 - Deserted Island DevOps - If You Can Wait Six Months…You Should

11/21/2019 - Kubecon + CloudNativeConf NA 2020 - Balancing Power and Pain: Migrating From a PaaS to Kubernetes


1/5/2021 - Ship Talk - DevOps and Education, Closer Than You Think

7/15/2020 - Livin’ On the Edge - Kubernetes “Local” Dev, Building a PaaS, and Platform Personas

5/11/2020 - Developers Eating the World - Tool Adoption in DevOps

4/17/2020 - InfoQ - Migrating From a PaaS to Kubernetes

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